Put that magic jump on me. Slap that baby, make him free.

Put on your masquerade mask and step into the magical and musical world of the Labyrinth as The Producers presents The Labyrinth.

A screening of the iconic 80s hit, with fun interactions and themed cocktails.

Legendary hero of glamrock, rock and pop David Bowie stars as the enigmatic goblin king in Labyrinth. This is the tale of a young girl with an overactive imagination who summons the goblins from her favourite book to take her baby brother away. Her wish comes true and realizing her mistake she must enter the world of her favourite fairy tale to save her brother from The Goblin King.

Join her as she enters the Labyrinth — a twisted maze of deception, populated with outrageous characters, unknown dangers and songs where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.

Combining music, adventure, comedy, fantasy and David Bowie, The Labyrinth is the perfect film to enjoy with your friends and cocktails. Sing along to ‘Dance to the music”, pull party poppers and dance in a sea of magical bubbles.