Omagh Players return to Strule Arts Centre from 19th to 21st February with Sean O’Casey’s classic play, ‘The Plough and the Stars’. O’ Casey’s account of the Easter Rising is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest anti-war dramas.
Set during the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916, the play focuses on the impact of the rebellion upon the poorest of Dublin's citizens, the tenement dwellers. The main thread of the story centres on Nora Clitheroe, the young pregnant wife of Jack Clitheroe. She tries to keep him from joining the Rising by concealing his promotion to Commandant; when this is revealed Jack rejects her angrily and leaves. As the Rising continues, the potential for tragedy is increased. Despite this, the other residents in the tenement continue a daily routine that is alive with humour even in the direst circumstances.