The Park
‘Your enemies fear is our greatest protector me Da says. Without fear we get raped.’

Luke and Bob, two Dublin friends from vastly different backgrounds, sit down at their
usual spot in The Park. What follows will challenge their unlikely friendship, push both young men to their limits and force them to make decisions that will stay with them for life.
A tale of friendship, culture, family, anger, heroism and a look at the animalistic jungle of growing up in a Dublin Park.
Written by :Rex Ryan

Hey! Em...yea so I'm doing this show and it'd be great if you could come along! I'm pretty excited to be doing it, I reckon it could be pretty interesting! Going to be doing some, like, dancing and stuff that could be quite good! Sure it might be a bit of a laugh anyway! Although... could be kind of a serious thing…now that I think about it. Well it's hard to say really but...hopefully it's not awful anyway! I mean it's only 20 minutes so... it's not like, a ‘big deal’, it's just like a short thing...I don't even know why I'm inviting anyone really, could be a total mess or like, just terribly embarrassing ...Actually you know, if you can't make it I wouldn't worry, I mean, maybe if you happen to be in the neighbourhood or something...but if you are in the neighbourhood you probably have something else on ...and I'm sure whatever you have on will be much better so it's totally grand, no hassle, I'm cool with it either way. Seriously though, maybe you should just give it a miss, it's probably just better to leave it... so yea...I'll see you some other time sure...grand. Please don't come.
Written and performed by Camille Ross

Stop thumping up the stairs, it’s so rude. He was right, she was chubby. The big houses and the big walls and falling in the bush then. Poor Rob. Rob fell in the bush. Chris pushed him. I’m getting a feeling there’s someone eyeing up my gnomes. I have a plan of attack. I keep a diary. It’s full of plans. Information and so forth. Ideas about important things among other things organised into piles of memories and madness and chilli con carne, clocks and fossils and the time at the big pond. And at this moment she knew she was trapped in there. She started to look in her pockets, she found a lock pick. She picked the lock.
Written and Performed by Genevieve Hulme Beaman.