With the original Blues Brothers movie passing its 25th Anniversary, the Tivoli Theatre are delighted to present direct from Chicago the only authorised Blues Brothers Show in the World "Blues Brothers - The Revival". Developed from characters from a musical sketch on Saturday Night Live, the 1980 film featured R&B and soul legends James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles as well as shooting to fame the young Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. Jake and Elwood Blues now return with their rhythm and blues band, The Blues Brothers, and some of the world's favourite soul and blues tunes. Presented by The John Belushi Estate, Dan Aykroyd & Robert C Kelly, The Blues Brothers Revival is an outstanding evening. It stars Simon Delaney as Jake Blues and evokes fabulous memories of the original movie and music. Come and see what happens next to Jake and Elwood Blues from Friday 17th October to Saturday 15th November at the Tivoli. Tickets are priced from €25.