Hot on the heels of the most successful Boosh series ever (though arguably its poorest) it's time for a brand new Boosh Tour. Back with a vengeance, Vince Noir and Howard Moon will be joined onstage by a profusion of characters from their hit TV show. See Naboo the enigma dazzle with shaman magic, see Bollo the Gorilla take on the irksome Cockney Hitcher and marvel at the worldly observations of The Moon. There may be punks and yetis, monsters music and mayhem, in one terrific psychedelic melting pot. Expect brighter lights, louder music and killer crabs... And so the journey begins... The Mighty Boosh will visit Clubs, Arenas and assorted locations across the universe as they polish their show to a high state of hilarity in readiness for their Irish debut in The Olympia Theatre from Sept 16th to 20th 2008. Unfortunately it's back to the granny-selling plan if you want a ticket. They sold out with seven whole months left 'til showtime.