It’s October 1978. Pope John Paul the First is not long dead, autumn is closing in and Pat Farnon has ‘some business’ to do in town. The Man in the Woman’s Shoes follows Pat Farnon as he walks the 5 miles from his wee white cottage to town and back again and the marvels that he meets along the way. ‘Today is beginning to feel very special and I've no idea why’. It’s a charming encounter - an ageing man still with a boundless enthusiasm for life. Hilariously funny, tender and at times downright daft, The Man in the Woman’s Shoes, will leave you uplifted and in love with life again. ‘I think none of us is old, me heart has never been old .

Developed with Sligo County Council Arts Service and the Hawkswell Theatre, Sligo as part of Bealtaine 2012.