A play by Gillian Hackett inspired by the death of high altitude mountain climber Alison Hargreaves, on K2 in Pakistan in 1995. Hargreaves sparked a debate in media and mountaineering circles as she climbed distant high mountains leaving two young children at home. Directed by Sandra Villegas with performances by Kate Horgan, Marguerita Sampson and Romina Cruañas, 'The Climber' is part of My Truth, a project that started in New York with the desire to give women a platform and the opportunity to tell their stories and examine issues concerning the female gender. Not only were artists invited to join this venture, but women with different interests and occupations, and diverse backgrounds. Now in its Dublin chapter, the piece seeks to explore the changes that maternity bring to a woman’s life. Following the performance there will be an open forum. Spectators are invited to discuss the issues highlighted in the presentation.