Jack McNally’s Hotel has 13 rooms (all of them sunny) for 13 people (all of them different).

There is old Mrs Chelsea, who is noticeably wobbly, Norma and Dorma the Italian twins, and Mr Truro who plays the spoons. Lionel O’Brien talks about trains, and his son Little Lionel does too. Brenda and Michael can seem a bit rough – but their hearts are as big as their record collection. Melanie Woodcott dreams of the sea, while Jack McNally dreams of Melanie Woodcott.

But when the visitors stop visiting, and the dust settles on the furniture, Jack McNally must breathe life, love and laughter into this hilarious hotel. He takes a deep breath, puts on a wig, and opens the door.

Louis Lovett is Ireland’s leading performer for young audiences. His one man performance in The Girl who Forgot to Sing Badly has received worldwide critical acclaim.

'This play is as heartwarming as it is rib-tickling – a delight.' **** Lauren O'Toole, Entertainment.ie