‘The Gift’ - a Response to ‘Cassandra's Necklace’ by artist Alice Maher.

This performance will take the form of a live improvisation featuring Paris-based Japanese Butoh dancer Gyohei Zaitsu, composer/keyboardist Trevor Knight and lighting designer Aedin Cosgrove.

This will mark the final days of Maher’s exhibition ‘Becoming’, which is now running at IMMA @ Earlsfort Terrace.

Zaitsu, Knight, Maher and Cosgrove previously collaborated on ‘The Devil’s Spine Band’ which took place at The Galway Arts Festival and at Smock Alley Dublin.

Reviews of ‘The Devils Spine Band’
‘….submerged audiences in its beautifully strange imaginative world…’

‘The Devil ’s Spine Band offered innovative and unconventional performance and musical expressions contained within an astounding composition of forms and visual objects, garments and video art.’

‘…the playfully grotesque butoh dancers Gyohei Zaitsu and Maki Watanabe created mesmeric images of stunning, bizarre elegance….’
(+billion www.billionjournal.com)

‘Weird or what?’ IRISH TIMES

Reviews of ‘slat’

‘…..a seemingly chaotic, but discerningly conceived and achieved sound design that is the musical manifestation of hell. If Hieronymous Bosch were a 21st-century composer and theatre-maker, this is what he would do. A powerful work that makes the audience question itself as well as what constitutes a ‘civilised’ human’. Irish Times October 2009

‘Beautiful and thrilling….an essential experience’ The Arts Show, RTE Radio 1 July 2008

‘…a mesmeric and challenging immersion in the world of the wild child…intimate and unsettling, (as is the entire) experience, which lingers long after leaving its subterranean world’ Irish Times July 2008