The Gathering Cruise will see over 100 boats congregate in key Gathering Ports across the UK before sailing together to Ireland.

Cruisers from Scotland, Wales, England, Brittany, Norway, Sweden will assemble in a series of Gateway Ports along the East and West coast of Ireland, Malahide, Howth, Dun Laoghaire, Wicklow, Kilmore Quay, Cork. Trans-Atlantic sailors will gather on the West Coast, Galway, Fenit and Dingle. 

Upon arrival at the Gateway Ports, the boats will be greeted by dedicated Gathering Welcome Ambassadors and the local communities. Boats from feeder ports in Europe and America will join them in the Gateway Ports throughout Ireland.

Gathering Cruise - total cruise 14 days Dun Laoghaire to Dingle

The Gathering Flotilla will leave from the most northerly Gateway Ports and travel south. As the flotilla passes the other Gateway Ports, the assembled boats there will move out to join the growing flotilla.

The Gathering Flotilla will finally assemble in Kinsale, Co. Cork for a Welcome Gathering of artisan foods and local music. Flotillas will then have an opportunity to explore the coastline of West Cork and Kerry for a week of unscheduled cruising. Gathering Welcome Ambassadors will be on standby to welcome boats as they arrive. All boats will then gather again in Dingle, Co. Kerry for a Farewell Gathering.

The Cruise in Company will be joined by Irish Boats along the coast at the various “Gateway Ports” and all along the coast through Marinas, Clubs and Training Centres located along the coast who will either join the cruise or participate locally. As the flotilla passes Gateway Ports the assembled boats can move out to join the growing flotilla.

The Gathering Cruise will assemble in Kinsale for the main Gathering Cruise Welcome Reception, to be held in Kinsale, as a welcome to West Cork, with local cuisine, Irish heritage and amazing views.

Flotillas continue on to explore the coastline of West Cork and Kerry, with all arriving in Dingle for the Gathering Cruise Fairewell Reception.