Come and watch The Family fight, love and try to make dinner. They will cry and stare as funds get thinner. BUT the family love each other, ‘cos after all, you can choose your friends! At a time when the very fabric of the nation is being called into question, THEATREclub are making a play that explodes the idea of the contemporary Irish family and helps us to understand where to go from here.

Heroin, written and Directed by Grace Dyas, is the story never told – about the new republic - about the people that society has left behind – the story of what was built and then demolished. Winner of 2010’s Spirit of the Fringe Award at Absolut Fringe, THEATREclub’s visionary production is a hard-hitting investigation charting 40 years of heroin use and abuse in Ireland.

Contains adult content and strong language - over 16’s.

The Family at 7pm and Heroin at 9pm on both Fri 12 and Sat 13 July