This four day creative writing course and retreat is for writers that want to tap into life experiences, ancestral history and write memoirs, or to use those experiences to translate into fiction. The workshop is based on Irene Graham's workbook – The Memoir Writing Workbook, which is used as support material throughout the workshop. The workshop is open to new and established writers. Using right-brain/left-brain exercises you will develop and integrate significant life memories with narrative as you learn how to weave the elements of memoir writing within a creative structure. It will be a time to discover and enhance your unique writing voice as you define your experiences and learn how to write from the heart of personal understanding. You will explore theme and subject and its associated meaning and learn how to focus your memoir. You discover how to use and incorporate your retrospective voice into your writings and how to engage with truth in the writing of creative non-fiction. Be invigorated as you relax, walk and write in this haven of old world charm in the heart of W.B Yeats countryside...and good company!