Tim Daniels and Tom Reynolds are the Brooklyn based writers and comedians who host The Complete Guide to Everything, a weekly podcast with over 3.5 million downloads.
The show is part of the Splitsider Podcast Network and has a devoted following throughout the US and England. They've also been featured in The New York Times, Metro and as an Editor's Pick and Top 10 Comedy Podcast in Apple's iTunes Store (US and UK).

Join hosts Tim and Tom as they continue their quest to explore and explain every possible topic, providing the world with a complete resource of knowledge that isn’t as stodgy and as boring as an encyclopedia.
Along the way, they’ll share outrageous personal stories, concoct harebrained schemes, solve audience members’ personal problems, bicker with each other and crack jokes of varying taste-level.

While you may not learn anything per se, these two world-weary Americans will provide an insight into the mind of 21st century man that will simultaneously amuse and worry you.

Tickets on sale 31st January