Kelly thinks Martin is a strange but lovely young fella. Deano thinks Martin is definitely not a young fella and that he should keep his paws off his girlfriend. Martin thinks bad karma is going to destroy everything around him, including Kelly… and maybe Deano.

This new play from Fishamble tells the story of an unlikely couple falling into each other, falling over each other and trying to help each other back up.

Fishamble has captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences with major international hits including Sebastian Barry’s The Pride of Parnell Street, Pat Kinevane’s Silent, and recently with the hugely popular Tiny Plays for Ireland. The Bruising of Clouds will be their third production of a play by Sean McLoughlin, following on from the great success of Big Ole Piece of Cake and Noah and the Tower Flower.

Written by Sean McLoughlin.
Directed by Jim Culleton.

Contains strong language and scenes of an adult nature. Suitable for ages 16+