Taylor McFerrin is redefining the one-man show. Combining his skills as a producer and performer, Taylor is making music heads around the world take notice as he seamlessly builds songs from scratch with his ambitious solo project. Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, samples, vocals and beatboxing are meshed together in his Brooklyn bedroom studio as Taylor builds from his roots in '60s soul to his vision of future hip-hop. Thriving on a solid fan base through MySpace and the online hip-hop community, Taylor has gained considerable popularity and captivated audiences at some of the most legendary venues in New York City. MTV took notice of Taylor’s skills as a producer and used his beats to promote the 2005 Video Music Awards. The release of Taylor's first EP, Broken Vibes has gained international attention, thanks to the title track, which debuted on Benji B's BBC Radio show. Fusing his beatboxing skills with broken drums and melodic keys, Taylor creates a style of sound that is both unique and modern. With sounds ranging from R&B to hip-hop to Brazilian, Taylor keeps the buzz on high for his debut full-length album with his undeniably intriguing solo project. The show kicks off at The Bernard Shaw at 5pm on Saturday November 21st and continues late into the night. Admission is free.