We would like to invite you all to ‘Taste of Poland’ Art Fest on 28 June, 2014 at The Grand Social, 8pm-3am.

Our philosophy is to promote and recognize the creative and artistic Polish community that have made the Green Isle their home from home. Our aim is to plant the roots of Polish culture and promote the talent of Polish residents of Ireland. The festival will showcase our culture and create an atmosphere of community between those showcasing and those attending. In an open, convivial environment, guests and artists can enjoy a variety of musical styles and artistic representations. Taste of Poland hopes to bring together a collective of creative, commonly minded people, to bridge the gap between artists and spectators in a social, amicable atmosphere.

The program shall consist of photography, painting, sculpture, media, hand-crafted wares and luxury items. Exhibiting at the Art Fest shall be numerous artists. The complete list will be introduced soon also performing shall be various professional artists representing a multitude of genres.Dublin based band Joyful Noiz a well recognize on Irish reggae scene, They will perform high class positive reggae vibes Dorota Konczewska, a much accomplished jazz singer and qualified sound engineer, will be performing her personal project which celebrates electroacoustic-jazz-triphop. Non Toxic Orchestra will perform energetic mix of jass,dub and world music . Well-known duo El Grey shall also be performing.Their compositions are a combination of electro, acoustic sounds and beautiful vocals. Djs Lower Entrance, Matjazz and Jazzbin will play their own composition as well as the best Polish tunes and will take care about late party atmosphere.

While the artists exhibit and musicians perform, there will be pop-up restaurants run by a collaborative of chefs and food enthusiasts Food shall be available at a pocket friendly price with vegetarian and gluten free delicacies on offer. The pop-up restaurants will serve a wide variety of traditional Polish foods as well as modern fusions. The restaurants will further encourage the communal and creative atmosphere of the festival, bringing people together.