Twinkranes | Bruno Spoerri | Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare. Support: Somadrone | B-Music Dj's (Andy Votel)

Irish debut for Swiss electronic pioneer Bruno Spoerri whose impressively unconventional musical career spans over 40 years. As a composer for industrial and engineering companies, Bruno mixed primitive sampling techniques with musique concrète as well as using contemporary experimental psych-rock and funk musicians to motivate workers on the factory floor.

Mysterious art/trash music project Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare will perform a live re-vamped score for “le Viol du Vampire” by ‘fantastique’ filmmaker Jean Rollin. They will be joined on the bill by Twinkranes, Dublin’s delayed response to Neu! and Silver Apples, whose metronomic debut ‘Spektrumtheatresnakes’ had The Guardian, NME and assorted tastemakers purring with approval. Ültrakugel is a Finders Keepers/B-Music Presentation curated by Darren McCreesh.