Thomas Vinterberg has made some of the most acclaimed Danish films of the past decade in his still young career. After two trips to our shores for English language films, Vinterberg returns to his early roots with an unrelenting character driven drama.

As the film opens, two young brothers share a childhood trauma, caring for their infant brother while their alcoholic mother is absent. We are then carried years forward to join their damaged lives as they separately fall to pieces. While one brother battles addiction to win the custody of his young son, the other flounders, adrift in alcohol and his mentally damaged friends. Fate conspires to have the brothers cross paths once again, but whether their reunion will be joyous or tragic is far from clear. 

In this latest film, Vinterberg further proves himself a master in depicting humanity’s subtle triumphs and crushing torments: it’s a supreme return to form.

Lane Kneedler,
American Film Institute