After over a decade in Dublin's RíRá, Strictly Handbag is moving to a new home for Monday nights at SPY on South William Street. Strictly Handbag is Dublin's longest running (Established 1994) and most loved club night, and after many years of, and countless frenzied nights it's time to bring a whole new generation onto the dance floor. It now feels like a stately home invaded by students and party animals - in short, a perfect home for Strictly Handbag's unique brand of Monday night mayhem. The action takes place over three levels and four areas with four bars, with a variety of cozy corners for communing and knoodeling: Adm €7/ €5 before midnight with a handbag. For nearly a decade and a half now, Strictly Handbag has shunned the bright lights of Friday night. But now the time has come to bring the Bag to the masses. And the Sugar Club on Leason St. is the perfect choice, with its sneaker friendly dance floor, stiletto friendly bars and a great smoking area for drying off the sweat and making new friends. So come down and enjoy floor fillers from and inspired by the best sounds of the 80s, or sip cocktails in velvet splendour while basking in the mirror ball sparkle. Friday admission is €10.00