STUDIO 54 was a legendary club in Manhattan, that shook NY life in 70s with all the madness and glamour that gave it its international reputation as the best club ever. The idea was to make your dreams come true with parties that seem to last forever. A place where fantasy was real, without labels and rules, where normal people could mix with celebrities.Recognised internationally as one of the most legendary nightclubs of its era, Studio 54 offered a clubbing experience like no other. For one night only, Stereo Vibe will recreate this global phenomenon right here in Dublin City. Our salute to Studio 54 will blend high-energy House Music with a unique atmosphere that could make the original 70s club blush and give other Dublin events something to aim for. Situated in the city centre, Andrew's Lane Theatre is one of Dublin's most unique venues. The perfect place to allow us to create a modern interpretation of the original Studio 54, featuring state-of-the-art sound, video and lighting, and chart-topping dance music. The spacious venue offers plenty of dance space and bars with drinks promos on the night. Admission will be €7 before 11pm (€10 afterwards). Doors open at 10pm.