Spoonful of Silence - Written and performed by Entre Les Mots - Eléonore Nicolas

Thursday 27 September, 5 pm - Tannery Cookery School
Friday 28 September, 7 pm - Nude Food

A Spoonful of Silence has a Zen-like emphasis on taking your time and not doing a million things at once. It’s a kitchen-table drama not so much about language as it is about the destructive folly of busy bee Capitalism.

Words, you see, can’t really be eaten but care and consideration can be nurtured. A soupçon of very digestible wisdom, indeed. - The Irish Times

She is waiting for you by the stove in her cosy kitchen, sprinkling rose petals into a freshly made pot of tea. Hold a warm cup in your hands and embark on a journey to the present moment. This unique play has sold out in previous festivals. It is advisable to book early.