After the great success of last year's show's at the Halfmoon, Snatch Comedy are happy to announce a comeback! Snatch Comedy have been stretching the limits of skill and inventiveness for six years. Now, they will improvise an entire play! Snatch Comedy's "short-form" improv and sketch shows have earned them huge popularity over the years.  This new style is one they developed themselves and promises to amaze you! Snatch are the only group in Ireland ever to have attempted "long form" improvisation.  From an initial suggestion given by the audience at the beginning of the show, the team create a whole story. As always with improv, there is no safety net. The group are experienced actors and use quick wits and skill to make up the show with no rehearsal whatsoever.  You the audience will be the catalyst, making it a different show every night. There will be thrills - and there may be spills - as they juggle ideas and make entertainment out of chaos.  "Uncut & Extended" plays at the Half Moon Theatre on Friday 30th and Saturday 31st of January. Doors open 8.30pm. Tickets: €16 / concession €11