The Slieve Blooms is a landscape of mountains, valleys, glens, waterfalls, ancient raths and Medieval castles, in the heart of Ireland. It is rich in music and folklore and is an ideal setting for a festival of storytelling, music, and song. The event combines tall tales, yarns, music and song.

The stories that have been told for generations by the people who live on and around these mountains are bound up with the landscape, place names and the history of the area which stretches back to before the time of the druids. There are stories of invasions, plantations and rebellions, fairy lore and ghost stories, as well as the necessary yarns and tall tales which Irish people love.

Every year this international folk event boasts big names and small names, the world renowned star and the local character and 2013 will be no different. Visit for 4 evenings of tall tales, lies, legends and fun in a haunted castle, an historic house and round the fire in a local pub.