Sing Along Cinema’s Chrimbo Get Togethers!

Remember when they used to call it the silly season? We liked that, but then it really can’t get silly enough for the Sing Along Cinema crew. So this year we plan to crank the  Movieoke Mayhem right up. And we’ve something for everybody in our big ol’ bag.
With Sing Along Cinema’s big screen, bigger sound system and sing along subtitles, for both songs and dialogue, throughout, it’s the perfect solution for your Christmas get togethers.
Get the gang together, come in character, sing your heart out and dance in the aisles. With a full bar and delicious Sugar Club Cocktails - this will be the your ultimate christmas party! We highly recommend pre-booking early.
Back by popular demand! Get together with your mates and revisit Dublin city’s golden age of soul (the early 90s). At Sing Along Cinema we always encourage you to come in character, but for this special occasion the dress code is 'Ask Me Bollix'... though if you do make an effort you might get a ride. Doors 8.30pm