Galway City will become the focus of a new photography exhibition on the 17th January, entitled Show Me Galway. This will take place four times throughout the year - winter, spring, summer and autumn. Beginning Saturday 17th January all amateur photographers, anyone with access to a mobile telephone or sketch pad is invited to join Deirdre Melvin in a project called 'Show Me Galway'. The mechanic I'm using to enable this is a secret list. This list of items will be divulged to at noon on January 17th to registered teams. They then can go anywhere in Galway city to take pictures of these listed items but to provide a challenge they must be back for roll call by sunset the same day. This event should attract a diverse range of people from those who are serious about their hobby of photography to those who wish to interact with the streets they inhabit in a new way. The product of the days' work will be on display in the evening for all the participants to share how their unique view of Galway and will then appropriately move to Galway City Hall for exhibition at Easter. For more information, please email [email protected]