Self Portrait
by Laurence Falconer
'Self Portrait'in essence is a questioning of life. It is an exploration into the themes of depression, alcoholism, loneliness, homosexuality and an examination of oneself and ones relationship with life, death, and the concept of God. These themes are explored in the piece through the conversation of three characters of witch we can all relate. They are a Nana, a Grandson and a Next-door neighbour. All three carry their own problems and fears, and throughout the scene they are reveled and talked about in an abnormal and somewhat stylized fashion. All is reveled through dark comedy which will leave the viewer with food for for thought, and hopefully questioning their own thoughts. The vast majority of us walk through life while keeping huge aspects of our thoughts and dreams a secret from the rest of the world in the fear that we may be ridiculed, or loose respect, or acceptance or power or even loved ones. But What If everyone laid their true emotions on the table? Put their life on the line? What would be the outcome? Who would we become and would it bring us closer to understanding our own existence? This piece is a glance into that world and those possibilities as the characters explore all, over a cup of tea and some digestive biscuits. I hope you will join us at the table.

APE by Fried Egg Theatre Company
Ape (created and written by Fried Egg) is about human nature, our relationships, our strongest urges, vicious circles we cannot escape and our core behavior in its most primal form.
For Collaborations we will be previewing a 15 minute taster of Ape before it is staged fully later this year. The Fried Eggs are Alicja Ayres, Caoimhe O’Malley and Tiernan Kearns.

Lorna Larkin
trouble in pale pillow and sky, where tall long drawls of nose draw her in foreign plains. flimsy and whirl sigh with each fall, and awe in the lean. in sleeping battles sleeping gains.
her modesty maddens the moons, who know her luminescence glows absentia. imploding heaves mutely oblige pillows wallowing sucks and snoozes with beta-hughsian flow. heavy the crown during absent lulls, soughing stave, or martyr of occult. undertake (r) take (r) down. as sadly unrequited back-bones war.
is ingressing little clouds the worst for latent moonbeams seeking dim though ebb and flow is not reversed when willows suffocate in whim.