Three women (kind of) are on a mission. In outer space. To save the world!  But while the lightyears are clocking up, the three personalities struggle to maintain their heads, in an altering galaxy, far, far away.
Search is a piece of new-writing starring Leanna Cuttle (Vardo, Do Not Disturb), Ellen Kruger (Hamlet @ Smock Alley, All in the Timing) and Rebecca Warner (Vardo, Love. Labour. Loss.) and written & directed by Sarah Ahern (Franken 20, Caught).


Drawing Crosses on a Dusty Windowpane


"Sing what's gone so it won't be."
This is not a story about losing someone, but the bit afterwards when they’ve just been lost. It’s not CSI, but it is a kind of forensics; a putting together of memories to try and make sense of it all.  Who was he to you?  Who was he to your mother?  Who was he to his mother?  It's about family, it's about love in the absence of the loved one.  It happens to us all, and it doesn't unhappen; but you can come and share the story so it won't be forgotten.