They have demands, they have plans and they have guns. They are making the sentence fit the crime. Scratcher is a farce about a farce that gets even more farcical by the day. On a rainy Tuesday morning in a non descript social welfare office, six twenty somethings step out from behind the statistics and bring the live registrar to life. Devious Theatre were born in 2006 due to an overwhelming need to entertain. They spend their time rehearsing in kitchens and buildings they managed to get keys cut for. Their artistic credo is mostly ADHD based and fairly guerrilla. To this end, their goal is to kidnap as many young people away from gigs and cinemas and pubs and drag them to the theatre. They can bring their own cans if they want. For more information on Devious Theatre visit their blog.

As part of THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON: VOL II. in association with Absolut Vodka