SCI-LENS is to tradition what silence is to sound.
Presented by UCD Imagine Science Film Festival and Darklight New Media Festival our second night at The Factory is an exceptional performance not to be missed. This is extra special evening event featuring a world leader in the field of computer music, Dan Truman, a laptop orchestra and the nine exceptional musicians of the Yurodny Ensemble. SCI-LENS involves the design and building of new gestural interfaces; physical and virtual electronics for the translation of traditional music from around the world into contemporary language, and an exploration of the meaning of sound in space.
Current explorations in network theory and the organic mathematics of chaos are leading to the development of a new theory of universality that brings the aims of Science and Art ever closer together. In the language of music, it is a common axiom that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. SCI-LENS attempts to find a proof for this, in seeking the ultimate goal of both fields: creativity and inspiration.

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