DJ/producer/remixer Sasha is recognized as one of the worlds' most innovative icons of the electronic genre. He propels listeners into the future of electronic music by constructing innovative and forward-thinking concept albums (Airdrawndagger, Involver) and live events (Delta Heavy, Fundacion) that blur the boundaries between artist and DJ. In dance music circles, Sasha's name conjures near mythological references and fond memories of unforgettable gigs at destinations around the world. What punctuates Sasha's skills as a DJ is his capacity to not only incorporate diverse genres and styles, but to transcend them by infusing his music with pure emotion. Sasha's talent is matched only by his passion, which has seen him become one of the world's true superstar DJs. Sasha plays Tripod on Friday May 29th. Support on the night comes from LRB, one of Ireland's best known dance DJs and resident DJ @ 515 Tripod sharing the decks with everyone from Carl Cox to Danny Howells and Booka Shade. Tickets are priced €26.50. Doors open at 11pm