"Santa Claus Is Coming Out," is writer/solo performer JEFFREY SOLOMON's theatrical mockumentary about the worldwide scandal surrounding the outing of Santa Claus. Jeffrey Solomon purports to have interviewed all the key figures in the scandal that has come to be known as “Santa-gate,” including Santa’s one true love - Italian toy-maker Geovanni Geppetto, his beard (Mrs. Claus), the Anti-gay crusader who tries to ban Claus from the night skies, and the little gay boy whose heartfelt letter stirs Santa’s conscience and changes Christmas forever. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING OUT plays out against the backdrop of the latest salvo in America's Culture Wars: the debate on providing gay role models to children, and is inspired by Mr. Solomon's research into the so-called "parent's rights" movement which is struggling to keep gay issues out of the classroom in the United States. "Santa Claus Is Coming Out," will have its European Premiere as part of the Absolut Dublin Gay Theatre Festival Monday, 11th May to Saturday, 16th May 2009 at 8pm and a matinee performance Saturday, 16th May at 5pm at the Outhouse Theatre. Tickets are priced €15 (€13 Conc.) €10 Matinees.