Ah Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare's great story of woe featuring two loved-up teenagers whose short and sweet affair ended so tragically (spoiler – they die). For hundreds of years, people have wondered wistfully on the 'what if' of literature's most unfortunate couple, had fate not conspired against them.

'A Tender Thing' indulges this desire and offers up a beautifully told story which imagines what life would have been like for the couple if they had continued to 'live and love'. Originally commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the play is adapted by Ben Power, currently Associate Director at London’s National Theatre. In a masterstroke of imagination Power has taken one of the most celebrated romances of all time and adapted Shakespeare’s timeless poetry to weave a provocative, powerful and achingly beautiful new tale.

It is now being brought to the Project Arts Centre by Siren Productions for its Irish premiere, with award-winning director Selina Cartmell leading the show and being brought to life by the excellent Olwen Fouéré and Owen Roe as the not so star-cross'd lovers. If you're a fan of Shakespeare, or love stories, or just brilliantly imagined and executed stage productions, this is not one to be missed.