Roger Sanchez, The S-Man, chart topping producer and globally revered superstar DJ makes his way back to Harcourt Street for an autumn show set to blow you away! The Grammy award winner plays Tripod on September 12th following the latest installation of his compilation series "Release Yourself". Besides his career as an international celebrity deejay, Sanchez is the owner of his own label, Stealth Records and is about to make his film debut in an independent film scheduled to be released sometime in 2008. From the beginning of his career, Sanchez has consistently strived to redefine the boundaries of underground house music beginning in 1990 under the moniker Underground Solution with the single "Luv Dancin." With that now classic single, Sanchez proved that the texture of a thick syncopated baseline, and a simple but contagious melody, could rise above the confines of a small venue into mainstream consciousness and on to crossover radio airwaves. So move your ass, stomp your feet, and set your mind free, because Roger Sanchez is coming to down and this is one night you will definitely want to be part of! Tickets are €29.50, doors open at 11pm.