Maura is at a loss. Years of caring for her late mother have taken their toll and now she finds herself bereft and alone. She is the forgotten sister, the maiden aunt...the one who got left behind.

Grief at her mother’s death is compounded by the knowledge that Maura is about to lose the only home she has ever known, the old family pile, Retreat House. She begins to spiral into depression as her favourite nephew, Jason, watches on. Struggling with personal issues of his own, he tries his best to restore Maura’s wellbeing but a visit from an old family friend provides an unsettling reminder of the past.

Retreat is a new play that examines how our state of mind is influenced by our sense of place. Challenging and revealing, it is unflinching in its handling of the devastation wrought by mental illness. But it is not without humour and hope.

The play is likely to provoke discussion and debate, and audiences will be invited to participate in post-show discussions with the writer and with professionals in mental health services.

Post-show discussions will take place on Wednesday, March 5th and Thursday, March 6th.