Written by Derek Masterson

'Sisters to the bitter end.'
It's Alma's wedding day, only she's marrying her older sister Rita's ex-fiancé. With tensions high as it is, Alma has one more secret, but with "not a pot to piss in, literally" it could be her ticket to a better way of life, leaving her only sister and last remaining family behind. This two act play set in the early 1950's tenements of Dublin will leave audiences with smiles on their faces and tears on their cheeks. No Tears Productions are back in the Civic Theatre with this new and hilarious heart-warming Irish drama. After the great success of critically acclaimed Bound and A Nice Bed To Die In, comes Derek Masterson’s latest play, Queens of Pimlico.

'No Tears always manage to find a gentle balance between humour and genuine drama' - Quality Waffle Times