Based on Spike Milligan's legendary comic masterpiece first published in 1963, 'Puckoon' is a hilarious and irreverent look at rural community life - an inspired piece of theatrical goonishness that tells a bawdy tale of borders, brass, and bellybuttons. It's 1924 and the Boundary Commission must decide on a new border between the North and South of  Ireland,  a  task  finally achieved when everyone grasps the pencil and carves  a  line  through  the middle of the town of Puckoon, dividing house from  outhouse,  man  from  wife,  pub  chairs  from  bars, and church from cemetery. Chaos  ensues as the townsfolk struggle to get their beer on the cheap side of the pub and procure passports in order to bury the recently deceased. Big Telly Theatre Company take Puckoon on a national tour of Ireland until March 14th. See our theatre listings for details of a performance near you.