Late in the last decade Downtown Sounds, Shock, Space Camp & The Winter Olympics united together to form Nightflight and haven't looked back since. They've worked with some all time heroes as well as the next generation of DJs and producers that including Francois K, Claude Von Stroke, Mr Scruff and loads more. To celebrate their second birthday is a double bill that may well top them all. Securing the services of the brightest lights of 21st century disco, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje will give an exclusive four hour back to back set. Todd Terje is the undisputed king of the re-edit. Long before the edit scene exploded Terje had sliced and diced his edit-ography into triple figures. Todd rarely releases music under his own name but on the occasions he does we've been treated to tracks like the celestial 'Glitterkind' and his 2004 'crossover' hit 'Eurodans' which still sends dancefloors into rapture today. Part two of this extravagant double bill is Prins Thomas, the grand-high priest of what can be loosely termed the 'nu-disco' scene. In Prins' single-mindedly adventurous DJ you may hear deep house, prog rock, krautrock and dub but he's not afraid to drop a cheesy disco number alongside a fifteen minute psychedelic jam too. Nordic sparks are set to fly!