As Pope, Benedict XVI had a creepy German accent, a shadowy Nazi past and a priceless art collection. He was the head of a sinister organisation, hell-bent on World Domination. But earlier this year, he ruined this joke show, by resigning ... OR DID HE?? What if he deliberately fumbled his ‘de-infallibility’ ceremony and retained his full powers? Everyone thinks he's no longer Pope, because THAT'S WHAT HE WANTS US TO THINK.

Comedian and Broadcaster Abie Philbin Bowman is best known from ‘Jesus The Guantanamo Years’, ‘The John Murray Show’, ‘Arena’, ‘Celebrity Mastermind’ and ‘Would You Believe’. Here, he asks why Catholic Europe (Ireland, Spain and Italy) is being bailed out by Protestant Europe (Germany, the UK and Scandanavia)? And are we really bailing out Greece and Ireland, or just the idiotic bankers who lent us ridiculous amounts of money?

Contains some adult content and strong language.

‘Provocative and brilliantly witty hour on religion and economic meltdown’ **** The List