Encompassing three rooms, PODium will deliver a uniquely diverse lineup of music and entertainment unlike anything you've seen in The Pod before. Every week you'll be served up nu-disco anthems from resident Dave Salacious in the new look Pod room, rock and roll karaoke in the Chocolate Bar provided by the prolific Songs Of Praise team, and in Crawdaddy, David De Valera and friends deliver the finest house and techno with the most exciting international acts. While catering for the more adventurous reveler, PODium every Saturday will ensure that you experience a vibrant, entertaining night out - week in, week out. And in keeping true to the essence of change, The Pod has upgraded its sound-system, adding finesse to the interior, and in doing so expanded the size of the dancefloor, adding nicely to the clubbing experience. For more info visit http://www.facebook.com/PODiumDublin