A dynamo playground for filmmakers, Play Poland – Irish/Polish Film Project is a unique festival celebrating independent Irish and Polish film art. Dedicated to filmmakers, animators, students and cinema lovers, this unusual platform will take over the Dublin scene on 1st & 2nd July 2011. It is a part of the biggest mobile Polish film event being organised in 7 different cities across Ireland and the UK between July and October 2011.

The project has been launched by the Polish Art Europe PAE in Scotland.

The festival offers a creative mix of films, exhibitions and gigs. Located in Filmbase and The Mercantile, Play Poland brings you talks, meetings, vintage poster shows as well as screenings of professional and students’ works. Panel discussions involve renowned figures of the film world: filmmaker Alice Lyons (The Polish Language), animator Dan Spencer (Pegbar), animator Stanislaw Buczkowski, arts director Dave Byrne (Underground Cinema), filmmaker Norah Mc Gettigan and actress Natalia Kostrzewa. Each day is crowned with performances by contemporary musicians including 3epkano's Matthew Nolan, Cameron Doyle with guests performing to Shane McKenna’s animations, followed by the experimental DJ duo Aoife Nic Canna and Jerzy Bugno. PLAY Poland –IPFP will be also a guest at the Great Music Event at The Mercantile with great DJs.

The one-day ticket pass covers all screenings, talks and the exhibition. The cost is €10. Two day pass costs €18. The music events are free.

'Our live in Shorts', 4pm-6pm -Shorts Block: Me among Others (The Long Way Home, Walk with a guide, Rainman,
S(Kin), Under a different sky, Who?, The Polish Language), Sum of all fears (New Boy, Treasures Ani K, The Water Flight, The End is Night, The Sunshine, x4)

Panel Discussion - Animation, 6.10pm-6.50pm - with Dan Spencer (Pegbar), Alice Llyons and Stanislaw Buczkowski

The Night Feature, 7pm - The Looking Glass, dir. Colin Downey, RT: 1 h 15mins

The Mercantile, 9pm-1am: 3epkano's Matthew Nolan and Cameron Doyle + guests, Aoife Mc Canna vs Jerzy Bugno aka Cat & Dog

'Our live in Shorts', 3.30pm-6pm - Shorts Blocks: The realm of work (Perpetum Mobile, Twas A Terrible Hard Work, Rat Race, Dental Breakdown, Joe Drummer, Eine Kleine Movie, B1033), Family Affairs (The Washing Machine, Mirror Mirror, Deep Breath, Old Fangs, Jericho), Love & Friendship (The Apple Tree, Call Me Hunny Bunny, The Art of Making Friends, Moore St Masala, The Old Guys, The Rabbit Case, Blue)
Panel Discussion - Film, 6.10pm-6.50 - with Dave Byrne (Underground Cinema), Natalia Kostrzewa and Norah Mc Gettigan
The Night Feature, 7.pm - Horizontal 8, dir. Grzegorz Lipiec, RT: 1h 25 mins