Baltimore Pirate Festival will provide entertainment at the Square with living history 'pirates' and interactive re-enactments of aspects of the 'Sack of Baltimore'. Be transported back to the Baltimore of 1631 and experience the pirate raid.

Enjoy music and storytelling - listen to buccaneering songs and tales of the sea and times past. Take a pirate boat tour of Baltimore harbour. These tours will have live commentary and will explore the course taken by the Algerian pirates when they raided Baltimore in 1631, taking 107 inhabitants off to a life of slavery in North Africa.

Delve into the world of piracy and slavery of seventeenth century Baltimore with re-enactments. Dress up in pirate costume or be taken captive and put in chains. Listen to a chorus of sea shanties performed by a band of local lads and lassies, while exotic dancers in colourful costume transport you to the slave markets of North Africa.

Come along to the pirate conference in Dún na Séad castle where various speakers will discuss the Sack of Baltimore and the trade of Christian captives to the slave markets of Algiers, & piracy off the south coast in the early seventeenth century. For kids there will be a best dressed pirate competition with a parade from the Square and an afternoon of children's games and entertainment in the pirate playground.