Captain Swashbuckle, the dreaded pirate, and his fearsome first mate Sebastian have landed in the Kingdom of Enchantasia. It is the first place to spark Sebastian’s memory since the Captain pulled him from the sea. They go to the palace, in disguise, to find out what they can about the mysterious land. But BAD THINGS happen when they arrive at the Palace and a traitor is suspected!

A visit to the traitor’s lair is perhaps the only way to save the day. But who is brave enough to face such dangers? Will good triumph over evil?
Come along to Pirates in the Kingdom of Enchantasia and join us on this magical, swashbuckling adventure! With everything from confused Fairies to missing Princes, good Wizards to evil Witches, kidnapped Princesses to Pirates-in-disguise, this is a story which children and adults will love.