To celebrate Percy French's birthday which is on May 1st and the Gathering 2013, the Irish Red Squirrel Productions under the artistic direction of Tish Dunleavy and Frank Cadam will present a number of events of the May bank holiday weekend 2013.

These will consist of 'The Percy French Experience Show', a three act Irish play, a gospel music performance, an art exhibition and a Gaelic sporting event. Irish Red Squirrel Productions incorporates the County Leitrim Percy French Society, the Sliabh an Iarainn Players, the Sweet Spirit Ecumenical Gospel Choir and the Killyran Wrackers. All of these groups will perform during the course of the weekend. A special treat will be a rare appearance of Percy French at his birthday party, compliments of St. Peter!

Guests attending the party will be encouraged to dress in period costume from late 1800's to early 1900's,or to come along dressed as some of the characters from Percy's songs such as 'Phil the Fluthers Ball', 'Eileen Oge', 'Whistlin Phil McHugh' etc. A Gaelic sporting event will take place and the County Leitrim Percy French Society Trophy will be presented to the winning team. Local artists will be encouraged to participate in an exhibition of some water colours by Percy French. The Gospel choir will perform at mss on Saturday, May 4 and again at the Church of Ireland srvice on Sunday, May 5.