‘Absurdist, high-energy comedy. Feast your eyes and your teeth on the bizarre, unique and delicate world of Paul Currie.

 ‘Pure stuff. Inspiring and totally stupid and random’ Dr. Brown (Winner Edinburgh Fringe Best Comedy Award 2012)

 ‘A whirlwind of dizzying nonsense. Beautifully crafted, committed and exciting silliness.’ John Higgins, Culture NI 2012

 ‘Paul Currie, a man who can only be described as what would happen if Tim Burton created Mr Bean.’ Informed Edinburgh 2011

 ‘There was something extra original about this guy – it was like watching the Monty Python version of stand up comedy.’5* Fringe Guru 2011

 ‘An original take on performance puppetry and mime’ Fest 2011

 ‘Paul Currie mesmerised the audience. His strength of mime provoked deep pathos and yet immense laughter. Currie makes sadists of us all, as never has watching another’s turmoil been such fun.’ 5*

The New Current, Ed Fringe 2011’