Collaborate for a weekend with top-notch digital storytellers, web developers and designers on projects that use the web to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling!

Participants in the Storytelling Hack Jam are invited to attend for free; the Anna Higgs Keynote Address, the Digital Storytelling Roundtable, and Hugh Garry's Anatomy of a Film seminar.

From 12:00, Friday 25 April, participants will meet the facilitators and each other at the BlockT Hot Desk Studio for an introduction to the workshop and to build the teams.

The Hack Jam takes place over 3 days (Fri - Sun) ending in a presentation to the public Sunday 5:30pm, BlockT, Smithfield.

Friday: 10am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 7:30pm

Sunday: 10am - 6:30pm

Public Presentation of Fruits of Hack-Jam at 5:30pm, Sunday 27 April.