'a new, funny, interesting, intelligent and sobering play...reminiscent of Mamet, but I would argue that it's a lot more credible than Mamet, because it has humanity...Impressed me enormously as the work of a new writer.' - Emer O' Kelly, The Sunday Independent

'A great testament to the up-and-coming talents we have in this country...bodes well for the future of Irish Theatre.' - Le Cool Magazine

'Intensely engaging...Performances were strong, believable and hypnotic.
Overtime is a must see this week for all theatre goers in Dublin'
 - Guide2Dublin

John is having a bad night. Fact is, he's been having a bad year. Pulling in extra shifts, staying late, in the office 24/7... But the work just keeps piling up and the job is getting tougher and tougher. And all the while that voice is telling him that maybe it's him. Maybe he's just not good enough.

Because, all of this wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for Frank. Frank-the face and name behind that voice. Frank, ever constant, always there. Watching on. Waiting.

But for all of John's problems, if he lets him and if he listens...Frank just might have a solution.