A play about family, loss and moving on.

A new play written in rhyme and rap by Stefanie Preissner. Stefanie Preissner’s searing portrayal of abandonment, loss and acceptance will leave you gasping and dazed as she takes you on a rhythmic journey through the language of rap. Starring Pat Nolan, Gene Rooney, Jo Linehan and Stefanie Preissner and directed by Tara Derrington, this moving yet uncompromising new play examines what it means to have unanswered questions after the death of a parent.

'One by one, stanza by stanza, the three speakers gradually unravel the fine threads of an intricate, poignant and mesmerizing narrative about love, birth, betrayal, regret and death. The effect is one of mild hypnosis, whereby the rise and fall of emotion in the characters gently carries you along, every measure of the way.' - Jennifer Lee, Irish Theatre Magazine.

Nominated for Best Female Performer in the Absolut Fringe Awards 2011