Open House Limerick is following on from the success of similar festivals in London, Dublin, and Galway.

A weekend of site-visits, lectures, films, children's activities and student projects to engage with and involve the general population, providing a memorable experience of what good architecture is and of the ways in which it might be a force for cultural, social and economic good.

The Open House aims are to create an ambitious high quality annual architectural education event; to enhance and extend public's experience and engagement with architecture; to create awareness of the value of a quality built environment; to foster learning, and an appreciation and understanding of the value of architectural excellence in Limerick region, through showcasing outstanding design, including contemporary design; to develop new audiences for architecture; to improve the understanding of the merits of high standards or architectural design, past and contemporary; and to promote, through discussion and action, awareness of the merits of quality architectural design in respect to people's lives.

The simple but powerful Open House concept is based on a unique experience of our built heritage – both modern and historic – with architects, architectural historians and building owners offering access and a unique educational experience.

Many buildings are not normally open to the public, such as private residences, workplaces and government offices, which further enhances the appeal of the event.