'From award winning Belfast based indie film house, comes the latest 2 award winning films ONUS and SPLASH AREA. Shot for just £80 over 4 days in Norway, ONUS has been hailed 'A master-class in visual storytelling' by critics. We want to hold back as much on this, so you can enjoy the experience even more. The gore filled horror comedy SPLASH AREA (made for just £500) won Best SFX and Jury’s Choice at the 2012 Freak Show stealing the FX award from Hollywood epic, SPIDERS 3D made for $1.8 million. It has since been picked up for US release and has proven to be a disgustingly funny grindhouse production that entertains to its international audience! The director will be attending for any QandA after both shows. You can find out more about YFP at www.yellowfeverproductions.com - Please be warned, SPLASH AREA is full of clowns!'