'Rob Crouch is so convincing you will feel like sharing a whisky with him afterwards in a bid to get even closer to the man who treated the pub as his theatre. ‘Awe and respect are two different things’, Reed once said. At this pub you’ll find both'………Evening News.

In this blistering solo show, join legendary hellraiser Oliver Reed as he knocks back a few drinks and shares his incredible life story. From the boyhood excitement of learning he was a descendant of Peter the Great, through the success of 'Oliver', boozy adventures with Keith Moon and disastrous chat show appearances – this was a life well lived. But though Ollie may appear an unstoppable force of nature, this is Malta in 1999, set in a bar (where else!!) during a break from filming 'The Gladiator' with Russell Crowe, and time is fast running out for the ‘Wild Thing’. Rob Crouch brings Reed back to vivid life in this swaggering, brilliant evening of entertainment.

'Rob captures his very spirit. Just like being in his presence'- Mark Reed (Oliver Reed’s son).